A Crazy Girl's obsession with all things makeup

Hi, everyone, or anyone, this is a periodic segment I am going to do called “The Bargain Basement” and these segments are going to feature products that I buy at random places for SUPER cheap. I mean places like Big Lots, Everything 5 dollars stores, the swap meet, wherever.

So the first stop I made was Big Lots. There wasn’t a large cosmetic section but I was able to score a few finds. Three Revlon nail polishes for $1 each, a L’Oreal mascara for $4, and some makeup remover wipes, also for $1. Two of the polishes are my new favorites (not like I have a lot of polish to choose from anyway, working on that) and I am fond of the mascara so it was a definite score.

Next stop, man, I don’t even remember the name of the place but I got a baked shadow quad, a marbelize mineral (I think?) shadow, each $2.99, and a NYX shadow for-get this- 99cents!!!!!!! You read that right! 99cents! I don’t remember the names of the other stuff and already put them in my makeup case and am way too lazy to get it right now. I wish that I could swatch everything and put pics of the stuff on here but my camera is HORRIBLE and wouldn’t show squat. I hope I get a new one ASAP.

Anyhoo, watch the video so at least you can see the stuff 🙂


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