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Brush Cleaning Day…..

It was that time again. When I needed to stop being lazy and really deep clean my brushes. I am such a procrastinator but, now that I do my makeup on camera, I need to be a little more dilligent about keeping them pristine since they are now subject to public scrutiny. I am not really going to tell you how I do it or post a video on it. It’s futile, I have no new info to offer. I am rather going to link to a video that is pretty much the method that I use.  I mean, cleaning your brushes is not rocket science, but it is nice to know how to best remove product from your brushes.

 Why clean your brushes? I am so glad you asked! You need to clean your brushes because, like any other beauty tool, they can develop bacteria which can lead to breakouts and all sorts of gnarly things. Secondly, think about your hair. When your hair is dirty and you can tell you have product build-up on your tresses, it just doesn’t perform like it would if it was clean. Most brushes are made of natural animal hair and the same rule applies. Plus it can taint the outcome of your makeup, especially in the case of shadow brushes, if you have colors left over from previous applications.

 Now the video that I am posting is for deep cleaning your blushes (like I did today) and you only have to do that about once a week. For everyday cleaning just a little bit of brush cleaner (I use MAC’s) on a paper towel does the trick beautifully.

Here is the link, It’s a video by Marlena from MakeupGeek (LOVE her!):

And here are a few photos of my brushes drying, you can see why I dread doing this, I have quite a few…….


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