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MissChievous Contest Entry

Ok, so one of my all time favorite YouTube gurus is MissChievous. She is so knowledgable and creative and I love watching her videos because she just talks about the makeup, no fluff. I like that. I also love that she hails from Germany, if I am not mistaken. It’s nice having someone in another country that has the same interest as you. Makes you feel more connected to the world.

Anyhoo, Julia from MissChievous has partnered up with Sigma Makeup to bring an AWESOME giveaway contest to her subscribers, which, of course, I am one of them. There are four ways to enter (how cool is that?) and she has listed them all in this video. You can enter via Twitter, Facebook, and I believe two ways on YouTube, by leaving a comment and by submitting a video response. For the video response you have to answer the question “What does makeup mean to you?” The great thing is you can enter all four ways, but there are different prizes for each method of entry which she lists in the video.

Here it is:

And here is my video response and my daughter Vivienne’s YouTube debut:

Of course I hope I win but the selection is random so it’s up to Lady Luck to make that happen and she is NEVER  kind to me, LOL! But I am going to be sending some positive vibes her way and hope she throws a sista a bone, na’mean? Good luck to all the entrants, it’s a great contest and thank you SO much Julia and Sigma! You guys ROCK!!!!!!


First Edition of “The Bargain Basement”

Hi, everyone, or anyone, this is a periodic segment I am going to do called “The Bargain Basement” and these segments are going to feature products that I buy at random places for SUPER cheap. I mean places like Big Lots, Everything 5 dollars stores, the swap meet, wherever.

So the first stop I made was Big Lots. There wasn’t a large cosmetic section but I was able to score a few finds. Three Revlon nail polishes for $1 each, a L’Oreal mascara for $4, and some makeup remover wipes, also for $1. Two of the polishes are my new favorites (not like I have a lot of polish to choose from anyway, working on that) and I am fond of the mascara so it was a definite score.

Next stop, man, I don’t even remember the name of the place but I got a baked shadow quad, a marbelize mineral (I think?) shadow, each $2.99, and a NYX shadow for-get this- 99cents!!!!!!! You read that right! 99cents! I don’t remember the names of the other stuff and already put them in my makeup case and am way too lazy to get it right now. I wish that I could swatch everything and put pics of the stuff on here but my camera is HORRIBLE and wouldn’t show squat. I hope I get a new one ASAP.

Anyhoo, watch the video so at least you can see the stuff 🙂