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First Post and an O.P.I. Review

Let’s just get this thing CRACKIN’!

So I was in some random beauty supply store and I saw the O.P.I. nail display. I literally own maybe two nail polishes at this point and all the pretty colors just dazzle me. I am a stay-at-home-mom and I rarely paint my nails because, let’s be honest, being a mom is murder on the manicure. Still, some of the colors were SOOOO gorgeous and I know that O.P.I. polish is supposed to be “da business” so I figured, “What the heck! Live a little!”, and decided to purchase some.

It was very hard to narrow my selections down and at $7 a bottle (that’s US legal tender) I had to narrow my selection WAAAYY down so I chose the two colors that I liked best. “O.P.I. Ink” and, from the Texas collection, “So Austin-tatious”.

O.P.I. Ink:

Very pretty eggplant-purple with pink shimmer flecks in it. Very dark and mysterious and sex-say!

So Austin-tatious:

Bluish-Green color with lavender shimmer. Makes me think of mermaids when I look at it.

So what are my opinons on the actual polishes themselves? Not really all that impressed.

 I used the dark purple first and by the end of the day it was chipping. Now I am willing to concede that it might be my application technique. I buffed my nails first and then applied two coats and this cheap clear polish over it but still, it didn’t even last 24hrs. Bummer. It did better on my toes but toenails don’t take the beating that fingernails do, especially MY fingernails, clumsy as I am.

As for the blue color, that one was more disappointing than the other polish. It just didn’t show up the way it did in the bottle. I had to use at least 3 coats to get an opaque finish. And if I didn’t, I would end up with “bald spots” on my nails where the color didn’t go on thick enough. It is much prettier in the bottle than it is actually painted on. It did, however, fare better on the endurance test. It didn’t chip as fast as the purple polish did and I used the same technique for both.

So I am going to have to say that my first experience with O.P.I. nail polishes was not a very successful one. I probably won’t be looking to buy more unless they just have a color that jumps out at me. I am going to try the polishes again, this time with a better base and top coat, before I completely write them off but I must say the quest is ON for a pretty, durable nail polish that can withstand dishes, diapers and plain ol’ ME!

Come with me as my search continues………

Here is my YouTube video on the subject: